More Helpful Tips for Your Wedding:

In addition the tips found in each section of our site, here are some more to help you as your plan your big day…

For the bride:

  • Drink only clear liquids once you're wearing your wedding dress.
  • Concentrate and practice holding your bouquet low (think belly-button). This is more flattering, makes you look relaxed, and shows off (rather than hides) the detail in your wedding dress.  Be sure to share this with your bridesmaids too!
  • Do a trial run with your hair & makeup. To make the most of it, schedule an engagement photo shoot at the same time. You'll be able to see how you'll look in photos and also be able to reference the exact look in photos when you get ready on your wedding day.
  • Bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes (perhaps slippers) with you to the reception.

For the couple:

    • Strongly consider getting the posed/formal photographs out of the way before the wedding. It's beneficial in many ways. Everyone still looks their best and the pace is slower and more relaxed, meaning better photos. For evening weddings, this means being able to take advantage of beautiful outdoor scenery. Lastly, this lets you enjoy your cocktail hour and meet and greet guests without worrying about the clock. (And don't worry about the superstition - that old wives' tale was invented back in the day of arranged marriages when the bride and groom had never met before the wedding.)
    • Hire a photography team. Having two photographers means more special moments and memories captured, better coverage, as well as more angles and perspectives of your day.  (OK, this tip was a little self-serving, but it's still good advice!)


The word "betrothed" comes from the Anglo-Saxon "troweth," meaning truth.